Frequently Asked Questions

What are immersive medias?

Immersive medias are in fact two technologies: Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR). These are new communication means that generate immersive experiences. 

VR can create new realities generated by a computer. It removes the real environment and allow the consumer to be completely immersed. 

AR is not a complete immersion. This technology adds a digital elements to our reality. 

What are the uses of VR and AR?

Those technologies are new medias. They are more effective than the usual and traditional medias such as videos or photos. Their main purpose is to immerse an individual in a new reality. VR can especially allow users to take part in complex role plays and triggers powerful emotions that generate a higher consumers’ attention.   

For example, VR can strengthen your marketing strategies by making your messages clearer to your consumers. We help you create your own universe in which they will be immersed. 

For other fields such as professional training, we can imagine a very real role play in which your collaborators could learn new things and adopt the right technical behaviors for example.

What are the main differences between VR and AR?

The uses of both technologies are very similar and yet very different at the same time. While VR allows a complete immersion, AR only allows the users to use their sight and hearing. The results are therefore not the same. For example, in a professional use of AR technologies, users could use it prototype a machine and add missing pieces. 

It is also a wonderful technology for architectural projects. 

Which one is the most useful? VR or AR?

Both of these new medias are becoming more and more essential. They are not exactly the same technologies and cannot be compared. VR Connection takes it on case-by-case basis. According to your project, our teams will recommend either VR or AR. 

What are the application fields of those technologies?

By being both medias, VR and AR are literally useful in any industry. Although those technologies have become more and more democratized in the past few years, they can still generate a very nice surprising effect. They would not only give your company a innovative approach/image but also create a strong interest in what you have to say. VR and AR are the very definition of gamification, it is as playful as useful. 

There is a wild range of uses: professional training, support of technical gestures, know-how compounding, prototyping, augmented communications, deeper customer experience, therapy, travels, entertainment and so on. 

What the effects of VR on health?

Although immersive medias are still a new way of communicating, we can notice a few therapeutic approaches. Several studies have already proven that VR could help with phobias, hyperactivity and decrease pain. 

Our company is very well attached to the future of immersive medias in the medical industry. You can find a few articles about it on our  blog.

Is VR Connection an association or a company?

VR Connection is a company, not an association. By structuring the immersive media industry, we gather several European VR and AR companies with several expertises. 

We are the simplest and impartial interlocutor. Our goal is to offer the best services with the most suitable experts. We take care of our company members and make sure to select the best of the companies that exist on the market. 

VR Connection was chosen by the General Secretary of French investment and the French Public Investment Bank to structure the national field of immersive technologies. The French State ensured its trust in VR Connection’s business plan economical and strategical view.