VR Connection gathers the French, and European, talents in the fields of VR and AR. Our company members cover every sector, from 360° videos to AR and/or VR. Our main purpose is to develop the industry, mutualize contents and capitalize intellectual properties of the immersive media industry. Our major challenge is to industrialize the democratization of immersive media contents in companies and fuel the industry. 

VR Connection and its members take an active part in the dynamization of virtual and augmented reality industries. VR Connection organizes and accelerate the immersive media industry with organizing events, joint call for tenders, and putting in synergy the skills of European companies. Our consortium of companies put in place an ethical policy charter. We assure that all members of the consortium are working in mutual solidarity and give the industry a joint spirit.


VR Connection is composed of 80 company members. 

Why should you join us?

VR Connection is the first collaborative Hub of immersive medias. We play the role of an accelerator. Our first goal is to help the industries of virtual and augmented reality to develop itself on the economic scale. Joining VR Connection can allow companies to serenely take an active part in the democratization of those new technologies. 

Synergies of different expertises 

Increase in visibility 

Skill development

Multiplication of distribution channel 

Finished product capitalization

Increase of production force

“Together we create the future and make immersive media a reality in Europe”.


Thinking about joining us? 

Please contact us so our team can come back to you as soon as possible. 


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VR Connection was chosen by the General Secretary of French investment and the French Public Investment Bank to structure the national field of immersive technologies. The French State ensured its trust in VR Connection’s business plan economical and strategical view.