The VR Connection Group is the first collaboration hub dedicated to the democratization of immersive technologies. It promotes and organises the expertises of the ecosystem with the goal to fully address major industry immersive projects. Its role covers advising large corporations on their digital strategy, gathering the best studio members, organizing the content collaborative productions, accelerating the most promising startup, and supplying a standardized distribution solution. The VR Connection Group creates value to develop and accelerate French, and soon European, immersive technology startups.

The group has already brought together more than 70 company members (400 experts) in the field of VR & AR:

  • Virtual Reality (VR): Use of a computer to immerse oneself in a virtual world, ceasing ties with the real surrounding environment.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Complete a real-time image with digital data

VR Connection commits to delivering the best high quality products, made by the best skilled experts of our industry. Our products are realized with the newest and most suitable technologies, with the respect of an ethical specification. Our experiences are calibered to respect the highest quality criteria regarding the technical development, 3D modeling and comfort of use.

By being the Interest Economic Grouping of the sector, VR Connection can activate more than 400 immersive media experts in order to realize the most ambitious projects without any limitations regarding the existing technologies and expertises on the market. 

We are able to guide companies from the beginning to the end of their digital transition projects: from the conception, specification, to the realization and the deployment of immersive solutions within its institutions.

Tell us your needs and what your project is about 

We look for the best experts among our company members

We take care of the project management and planning

We deliver the finished product according to what was planned

They trust us 

VR Connection was chosen by the General Secretary of French investment and the French Public Investment Bank to structure the national field of immersive technologies. The French State ensured its trust in VR Connection’s business plan economical and strategical view.